Sunday, November 6, 2011

..can u take me home?...

wish to go home...home..home..home..
missing everyone..

"salam idul adha,papa,mama,aboy,along and abg yus now at kuala krai on the way to kota jembal, alang and sumi tommorrom at 4 am will move from kajang to kpg, ck ann and family also on the way back, cik nen will join us tommorrow,,paksu from jb,sha from shah alam, iki from penang, wan from kota tinggi..only angah,cik ani,niza,kimi,zarith,adi are far away..then,hopefully you are happy and wish u happy aidil adha....hehe..bmay Allah bless u all!" sms from papa.. happy here with all of my brothers and sisters..yet im missing them so much..huu...
may this eid give another bright for me and my friends in facing all the hardness in life..insyaAllah..

p/s : those who knows me well, please understand not that type of person..huhhhhh

p/s 2 : hari tasyrik, 11,12 n 13 zulhijjah..forgot about this,then pergi puasa pagi nie..tx cik F for the u girl..=)

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