Wednesday, October 27, 2010

happy birthday dear..


it has been for 1 month ++ i didn`t update my blog..not because i don`t have the time..i still don`t have internet in my room..try to get it by this week..

ok..for starting,i will like to dedicate a `HAPPY BIRTHDAY`s song to my dear dear friend from Convent Kajang....AINA SAKINA BT MD HASSAN.... sorry,it`s a bit late..u know i don`t have the FB,or other thingy or internt to log in n wrte something on ym to wish u..but neva i am..wish u,Happy Belated Birthday!!....

We get to know each other since sec school..Form 1till 3..having fun eating,studying,playing,doing all the KHB`s thingy...n u`re the one who understand me the most..layan my moody sometimes..always gossiping..haha..

Eventhough we`re far far awayfrom each other..u`re always in my mind a good girl,jgn tinggal solat,nak kawin jgn lupa jempt,take care of ur health..balik msia,roger2x la..hehe..

one more thing,im still nik yg dulu..just try to be better than before..anything n anytime,just roger me..hehe..

`Semoga kamu,Aina Sakina Bt Md Hassan sentiasa berada dalam rahmat kasih sayangNya,dan berjaya dalam mengharungi segala cabaran dalm hidup..kerana cintaNya kita bertemu lagi..insyaAllah`........

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